The story of BRASA Rotisserie, the new and unique rotisserie chicken restaurant, is an inspiring one. It’s a story of family and culture and a passion for food being passed down from generation to generation.

It would be easy to say that the story begins 15 years ago in 2001. That was the year sisters Angela Kishijara and Martha White started the Inka Mama’s chain of restaurants serving up the most delicious and flavorful Peruvian food in Orange County. But, the truth is, the story began long before that.

Angela and Martha grew up in Chimbote, Peru learning the finer points of Peruvian cuisine from their mother, Fortunata Montoya Kishijara, who they credit as the honorary founder of Inka Mama’s. Of course, for them, she wasn’t creating “Peruvian food”… she was simply making really great food! Years later, in Southern California, amidst a landscape of burgers and tacos, they realized their Peruvian flavor was unique and saw the opportunity to share it with the locals.

As the Inka Mama’s brand grew into four locations, the mamas continued the family tradition by bringing their children into the family business. Angela’s son, Victor Begazo, and daughter, Francesca Begazo, have been managing various aspects of two of the Inka Mama’s locations while learning the family recipes and developing a style of their own.

Lomo Bowl

This year, Victor and Francesca, along with their mother and step-dad, Steve Hall, are stepping out to do what they’re family has proven they do best… take what they know and love about food, put their own spin on it and bring it to Orange County in a unique way!

BRASA Rotisserie is based on the Peruvian style of rotisserie chicken known as “pollo a la brasa.” Francesca and Victor have traveled to Peru to work with local chefs to develop their recipes and imported a special charcoal-fired rotisserie oven which not only cooks the chicken to a crispy and juicy perfection, but serves as the centerpiece of their new restaurant. The oven is what cooks our chicken to perfection, but that mouth-watering taste also comes from the secret spice blend we marinate whole, free-range chickens in for 24 hours.

BRASA Rotisserie features an urban contemporary atmosphere and, in addition to rotisserie chicken, serves up a seasonal menu of sandwiches, amazing side dishes, salads, craft beers and desserts. Fans of good food can now join in on the continuing story of BRASA Rotisserie, just across the way from the Inka Mama’s Santa Ana location on the corner of Bristol and Sunflower.